Travel agency at The Nan Seasons Resort.

Go Nan Tour is a specialist in tours in and around Nan. All our tours (we have about 12!) are priced per person, incl. petrol, a bottle of water, a local lunch for day tours and most entry fees where indicated. Thai, English or Dutch tourleader/ guide is available on request. Browse all our tours and click on the tours you like more information of. If you can not find what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to call us at 054-059630 and ask for the tour desk (Khun Mandy or Khun Kas), email us at booking@nanseasons.com or just visit us in person at The Nan Seasons Resort. We are close to Wat Phrathat Chaehaeng. You can hire your BIG MOTORCYCLES direct with GO NAN TOUR instead of Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai -Nan. ฿ 1790

Nan- Chaing Mai. ฿ 1790

By car it is about 04:20 minutes and a bus takes you much longer. This private like aircraft takes you there

with a flight time of about 30 minutes! Standard air fare is ฿1800 but promotions are sometime available.

Days of operation are only FRIDAY & SUNDAY. CALL US! We also do other flights and do transport as well 

THAI AIR ASIA is flying about 4 times a day to Nan Airport from Bangkok Don Muang Airport. Scooter rentals start from ฿350 daily (Limited insurance) and a car like a Toyota Yaris or Vios from ฿1100 daily ​​(incl. full insurance) We also do minibuses, Limo's and taxi's to neighbouring provinces as well as to or from Sukhothai, Loei, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the Thai -Lao border.


Airport (7 km)                                      ฿270

Tourist office/ City Centre (3 km)      ฿200

Dom/ Intern Bus station (4 km)         ฿250

Local Taxi's to/ from Airport              ฿250

Photo from the trip

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1) Nan City Tour

Nan has more to offer than you would think! This tour brings you to MUST see items like: Wat Phumin (Temple of the Whispers of Love), The Nan National Museum, Noble House and the Nan Art Riverside Gallery and some other quiet interesting things to see. Local lunch is included!

Price of ฿ 1.750 p.p. (minimum of 2 persons)

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Click here for more information about Nan City, Nan Provence, Nan Kingdom, La Na Kingdom (= Lanna) and the centuries of interesting history! Even now The Royal Princess Sirinthon has her palace here in Charming Nan. Relax in Nan and enjoy the slow life.

1a) Sunrise &  morning  market

This cultural early morning tour is a highlight for some people. The view of the sun coming over the horizon and casting an orange glow around the golden iconic 9 meters tall blessing Buddha statue is realy something else!  After the sunrise we go to the bustling early morning market to buy some items to give our alms to the monks. Listen to the chanting of the monks while they bless you. All your sins will be forgiven. A feel good factor 10!

Price of ฿ 500 p.p. (minimum of 2 persons)

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2) Pua & The Waterfalls

This is one of our most popular tours! Scenic drives, century old temples, little jungle trek to see the waterfall, rice paddies, and local art all comes together in this tour. 

Price of ฿ 2,000 p.p. (minimum of 2 persons)

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3) Bo Klua & Pua

The viewpoints on this scenic drive has the WOW factor. This tour goes to The Nan River Side Art Gallery and Wat Nhong Bua where you can see the famous murals. In Pua we stop at Wat Phuket to enjoy the view of the mountains that we have to cross, to reach Bo Klua. In Bo Klua we will visit the salt well. From Pua we will make regular stops to overview the magcial Jungle. You can see the national Nan Flower "Chompoo  Phukha". This tree only flowers in Nan Province. On the way back to Nan we can refresh ourselfs with some local ice coffee, tea, ice creams or some beers at a great local place with a top view. 

Price of ฿ 2,300 p.p. (minimum of 2 persons)

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