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3) Bo Klua Scenic Tour


We aim to be on the road at 09:00 am. We visit a minority Temple of the Thai Lua people. (The Thai Lua people originally came from Yunnan province in China which used to be Siam a long time ago)  This temple is famous for its murals. It was done by the same artist who also painted the murals at Wat Phumin. Behind the Temple is a Thai Lua house and a cotton weaving mill which you can visit. 


At hill top temple in Pua district we can checkout the mountains we have to pass to reach Bo Klua. A beautiful scenic drive! Just before you are rice fields and in the distanced mountains is the Lao border (ones belonged to Lanna Kingdom. Lan Na means Land of Million Rice Fields) If the Coconut ice-cream man is there I can recommend you one as it is all made from local organic coconuts. Simply wonderful! The Temple we visit is actually a Temple-stay so if you like to become a monk or are interested to study buddhism this might be your place to do so for a while but you have to life according the strick rules of the Temple. Nobody told us yet where the big buddha statue came from but to us it feels it came from Nepal but maybe the mountains around this temple gives us that feeling.

Bo Klua.jpg

There are many view points to stop on the way. The first stop is a remembrance place of the very first Lanna King. Lanna was quite big at one time and reached all the way to Kunming in China. Here you also can see the Nan National Flower, the Phuka. If the circumstances (soil and temperature) are right this tree does actually does grow somewhere else (although not as big) but it only flowers here in Nan province!


Some other stops are view points with and without refreshments like this one 1715 meters above see level. The highest mountian in Thailand is Doi Intanon with 2,565 meters.

Bo Klua 4.jpg
Bo Klua 3.jpg

When we arrive in Bo Blua we'll visit the salt wells were you can see how they get the salt out of the soil. It is said that the salt here is much more healthier as it contains other minerals that sea salt do not have. After this visit we will have a nice local lunch with a view over the small village of Bo Klua. During your fantastic scenic drive back to Nan we will make many stops to take some pictures. It takes a bit more then 1 hour to come down to reach the next stop as it is quite mountainous.


The last stop is a local coffee shop  with a great view they also have great iced teas, beers and ice creams, snacks and souvenirs all made in Nan. Sit down relax and and enjoy your view. From here is takes about 20 minutes to get back to your hotel or resort. We really hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again on one of our other tours soon!

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If you would more information please call us on 054-719500. Our LINE ID: @nanseason or alternatively contact us by email at  (Thai time 7 days a week from 09:00 - 17:00)

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