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1) Nan City Highlights


This popular tour starts at about 09:00. Pick-up will be from your Hotel-Resort around Nan City or Phuphiang area. You can expect to be back at your Hotel around 16:00-17:00. Do not forget your camera and have in Nan! Enjoy.

Wat Phumin.JPG

The Wishper of Love at Wat Phumin.


Wat Phumin is the most famous landmark in Nan and is an ideal place to discover bonafide Nan culture. The outside of the temple has ornate naga railings while the Thai Lu murals are responsible for the fame of the Temple. Be sure to also check out the vegetable-dyed coloured frescoes, the ‘whispering lovers’ scene, the ‘copulating monkey’s’ and the depictions of a torturous hell. There is a painting of the first foreigners (French) arriving in Nan by boat. The word Farang means foreigners which actually means "French" as they were the first "big group" in Nan.


Stroll through the Frangipani Tunnel.

This has to be one of the most beautiful time travel experiences ever. The Frangipani Tunnel that leads to Nan National Museum will enchant you with twisty branches. The museum itself houses artifacts and antiques that belong to the city’s previous rulers as well as exhibitions of ethnic cultures. Also on the Nan National Museum compound is Wat Noi, Thailand’s smallest temple. It’s only about 3.5 meter tall!


Visit Nan National Museum.

Take the opportunity to learn more about the local history and culture of the region. The museum includes different collections of northern Thailand’s ethnic groups including, silverwork, textiles and tribal costumes. Also of interest are the local archaeology, architecture, royal regalia, weapons and religious artefacts from the region. The museum has an impressive collection of Buddha images with some very rare Lanna styles (floppy-eared=Nan style). An other quite impressive piece is the Black elephant tusk. 

Chang Kham Temple.jpeg

Wat Chang Kham & Wat Hua Khuang

Opposite the Nan National Museum is Wat Chang Kham. The Temple is about 600 years old. This Temple is from the Sukhothai period and the pagoda has beautiful elephants heads around it. Opposite this temple is another Temple called Wat Hua Khuang which means "The Temple on the big square" (the Nan National Museum (=City Palace) was not build yet at that time. This Temple is famous for its antique library. Around this area are all old houses just like the main street in Nan. At the weekend there is a busy (and very cheap) walking street here with lots of yummy fresh food, music and other great shopping bargains!

N House.jpg

Get a taste here of a Nobleman’s life.

The century-old Nan Noble House or Hong Chao Fong Kham (the house of Chao Fong Kham) was constructed of teakwood without using screws and nails. In addition to furniture and items used by the noble family members, you can see art and craft demonstrations. Opposite of this house used to be an elephant taxi rank.

Time for a nice tasty lunch. Local lunch is included in your tour! The restaurant we go to have Khao Soi Kai (Chicken peanut soup with crispy noodles), Green curry, Steamed chicken served with chicken soup and rice cooked in chicken broth, beside some other choices. Vegetarian options are available but with limited choices. The food is quite good here in Nan! Enjoy your lunch.


Wat Suan Tan and The Holy Wells

Wat Suan Tan, built in 1227 A.D., features an old, beautifully-shaped white Chedi (pagoda) and houses a huge bronze Buddha statue, Phra Chao Thong Thip cast by a king of Chiang Mai in 1450 as a symbol of his triumph in taking the rule over Nan. There is an annual Buddha statue bathing ceremony on April 13 which is the New Thai Lunar Year. On the temple ground is a holy well. The water out of this Holy well was used to wash the King Rama 10 before he was crowned King of Thailand in April 2019.


The Nan Art River Side Gallery

Nan Riverside Art Gallery was founded by Winai Prabripoo, a famous Thai artist and native of Nan, who loves art. The buildings were not modified from the traditional houses or other buildings as it was his intention to build a new art gallery in the nature-friendly atmosphere for people who come to watch artworks to feel free and relaxed. The artworks can be paintings, sculptures and mixed media which are all contemporary art. Those who come to relax in Nan province should not miss visiting exhibitions of both well-known artists and local ones that will take turns to be in this art gallery. You can absorb the atmosphere among art works together with nice surroundings like beautiful gardens, interior design of the gallery building, Nan River and the enfolding hills. There is also an art souvenirs shop to buy items such as handmade serge, postcards, books and some graphic art works of Master Winai. Nan Riverside Art Gallery is closed every Wednesday. 


Visit to Local Coffee Shop

Heun Hung Tor is a coffee shop in a setting of a tropical garden and surrouded by a pond. They serve many kind of Nan coffees and Teas from different mountains. It is a perfect place for a relax full afternoon.


Visit the city's most sacred Temple

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng (The 14th century Wat Phra That Chae Hang is located on a hill just across the river from Nan town and is widely considered as the town’s most important temple. Phra That Chae Haeng houses a relic of the Buddha, silver and gold votive tablets. Take some time out and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the onsite meditation centre. Ask about the special building where monks are being ordinated!

If you would more information please call us on 054-719 500. Our LINE ID: @nanseason or alternatively contact us by email at  (Thai time 7 days a week from 09:00 - 17:00)

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